GRIMM´s Nanoprodukte

Die kleinsten Dinge spielen manchmal die größte Rolle.
Also messen Sie sie. Mit GRIMM.

Nanoparticle Measurement Systems

The name GRIMM Aerosol enjoys global recognition for innovative, high-quality and reliable instruments for the counting and sizing of Nanoparticles. Our customers – universities, research institutes, industrial companies, meteorological serivces and various authorities (e.g. for occupational health or environmental protection) are using our equipment for research indoors in their laboratories, outdoors in the environment, or even in research aircrafts for their studies and developments. GRIMM provides mobile, stationary, and also 19“ rack mounted devices for various applications.

A range of many different modular Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) models and the Faraday Cup Electrometer (FCE) for the measurement of the number concentration of Nanoparticles, Differential Mobility Analysers (DMAs) for the size distribution in different size ranges, several Neutraliser types and many Accessories offer the possibility to set up an individual system configuration.

Whether inhalation, exposure, environmental or climatic studies, filter testing, emission measurement or fundamental aerosol research, our equipment can be customized individually in accordance to your requirements.

We are familiar with the smallest particles.



Handheld Handheld Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Stationary Stationary Stationary Sky OPC  
5.403 5.705 - 5.706 5.410-5.414 5.416 SMPS+C 5.420-21 5.410-Sky 5.412-7 5.430-31 7.917 7.860